Welcome to Wolvan Bushcraft

The Purpose of this site is to provide information and links to enable you to improve your Bushcraft and to make Primative and Survival bows.

Suitable can be brought at  trade shows,  good outdoors shops and online. However, remember if you can make it you can repair it.  Also kit you make fits your hand you have confidence in it.

At the Wilderness Gathering  I have seen people buy at great expense everything they think they need in one go.

It is much better to develop the kit as you learn, cool gadgets soon break or turn out to be useless in the field.

Remember if you are roughing it you are doing it wrong!

Yew Long Bow

Junk Bow

 Next Apperance

Hallow Fate, Hallow in Worcestershire 3rd June from 11.00 am i will be meaning a stall to sell bows, Knives and interesting Bush craft items.


Forthcoming Courses

At present I am organising a new course those who are interesed should e mail me to be added to my list and when I get enough I will contact everyone re possible dates. I have 2 possible venues: Bishops Wood Environmental centre  and Weston under Lizzard

Thees courses will make use of Shave horses and Draw Knives and because of the nature of a one day course  materials will be supplied. We will make a sapling Bow and a few Arrows. We will finish the day, if we have time, with a Field Archery compertition.

To book follow this link to their site

Check out this  Video which is the first in my how to do stuff series which shows what we will be doing on the course,

In future I hope to be doing a longer long bow course.

Below is a Video showing my new Demountable Junk Bow


2 responses to “About

  1. Just testing my site

  2. I came across your site after reading a comment you posted elsewhere. I am really impressed by your junk bows! I happen to have all the parts in my garage, so my daughter and I will make one tomorrow. Thanks for the great information and helpful videos.

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